Thank you to all those in attendance at our Spring General Meeting.  We have one of the most vibrant, enthusiastic and involved Locals in the area.  Aside from a lovely evening in an impressive venue,  those members in attendance, voted on the incoming Executive for the 2018-2019 School Year.  Congratulations and thank you again for your support to:


President - Terry Card

First V.P. - Nancy Springer

Second V.P. - Vivek Nath

Treasurer - Kevin Utley

Secretary - Sarah Pye

H & S Officer - David Griffith

Chief Negotiator - Terry Card

Executives at large - Meera Jain, Farida Makhani, Sharon Pinylo, Cindy Webb

Collective Bargaining Committee - Farida Makhani, Vivek Nath, Sharon Pinylo, Nancy Springer, Kevin Utley




ETFO Videos of Interest to Members and the General Public:

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