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Members: Please review the following proposed constitutional amendments to be considered at the December Fall General Meeting
Our TVOT Local Constitution states: 

12.2   The Executive shall publish all proposed amendments to the general membership at least fourteen (14) days prior to the General Membership Meeting.

12.3  The Constitution shall be amended if 60% of the membership present at the General Membership Meeting vote in favour of the proposed amendment

The following proposed Constitutional Changes to be presented December 5, 2018 at Fall General Meeting - 
Article VII - Organizational Duties - Section 1 - Duties of Executive

7.1.9 - amend to read, “appoint a minimum of three signing officers”

Section 2 - Duties of Officers

7.2.4 (c) insert “to” at the beginning for continuity then move clause to the end as new (e) mutatis mutandis

7.2.6 (b) upper case E on “Executive”

7.2.6 (e) move clause to the end as new (i) mutatis mutandis

Article VIII - Meetings - Section 3 - Local Annual Meeting

8.3.2 (b) amend to read elect - a President (per Article VI, Section 1, 6.1.3(a,)

Article IX - Elections NEW: Section 4 – By-elections

9.4.1 - New clause to read: Per Article VI, Section 1, 6.1.(d), by-elections to fill a vacancy may be called with at least thirty (30) days advance notice of a General Meeting.

9.4.2 The by-election will follow the procedures of Article IX, recognizing the by-election will be held at a General Meeting rather than at the Local Annual Meeting.

Article X - Delegates to the Federation Annual Meeting

10.2 replace “ETFO” with “ETFO Provincial”

10.3 amend to read - “Delegates and Alternates of the Local shall include”


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Thank you to presenters and registrants who attended yesterdays beneficial TVOT Pd Event "A Night of Craft, Care and Camaraderie".    

The 2018-2019 Professional Learning Development Fund Application Form is now available.  To download a copy go to  Useful Forms/Documents listed in the Member's Services menu (you must be logged in to access this page).

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